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Woven Sack Filler Compound

are extensively in demand for catering the needs of various applications such as in woven sack industry, non-woven plants, linear plants, sheet plants, lamination plants and blown film plants.

Non Woven Filler Compound

This LLDPE or PE made Non Woven Filler Compound is used to produce a number of products. As an important element of blow molding process, this compound is useful for producing container for paint, cosmetics and pharmaceutical items.

Lamination Filler Compound

Made of standard grade PVC material, this Lamination Filler Compound is used to produce plastic pipe, plate, shopping bag, automotive parts, electronic components and film.

TPT Filler Compound

TPT Filler Compound is used as important part of procedures like leather processing, coating of welding rod, floor wax producing and paint formulation.

Filler Modify Compound

This compound is required to produce standard quality polyolefin by adopting latest injection molding, extrusion molding and casting methodologies.

White Masterbatch

White Masterbatch is a solid additive that is extensively used for the coloring of plastic. It is also used to impart various mechanical properties to the plastics. Basically, it is a mixture of pigments and synthetic additives that is encapsulated into an adoptive resin.

Blue Masterbatch

The offered Blue Masterbatch is widely admired for its efficacy, premium quality and ability to add dark blue color to the plastic during its manufacturing state. This is a concentrated mixture of the pigment and synthetic plastic.

pp woven fabrics

We offered PP/ HDPE woven Fabrics& Sacks. They are used for the purpose of making bags for cement bags, fertilizers, Bulk Packaging, food grains i.e. rice, wheat, chemical and flower.

pp non woven fabrics

Disposable or non durable, nonwovens include such one-time use products as diapers, medical dressings, household wipes, and disposable protective clothing. Durable goods are used for apparel interfacing, automobile headliners, road underlayment, and carpets.

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